Prazas para 2 estudantes de doutorado en Irlanda

O Centro de Bioestatística da University of Limerick (Irlanda) está buscando dous estudantes de doutorado europeo para solicitar fondos no concurso de bolsas do Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering & Technology (IRCSET), que está actualmente en curso.

Presentación de solicitudes: ata o 16 de febreiro de 2011.

Información das bolsas:

The Centre of Biostatistics in the University of Limerick, Ireland, currently  is looking for two able *EU *PhD students to apply for funding in the IRCSET scholarship competition now underway. Please see . The closing date for  this competition is February 16th. If successful, funds will be available from October 1st, 2011. The stipend is EUR16k + EURfees +EURtravel +EURcomputer =EUR25k pa in total. IRCSET will fund for 3 years.

The IRCSET scheme involves filling in an on-line application form with 10 parts (each with 10 points) and a score of 75/100 is usually required. The parts are straightforward but one needs a good academic track, reference, personal statement of interest, and a good project.

The two projects are:

A) A project in the pharmaceutical industry in association with Parexel International to evaluate a new method of monitoring safety in Phase IV studies.  The idea is to develop methods which are more economical than registry based methods. Will suit someone with interests in Bayesian methodology applied to Medicine.*

B) Covariance Modelling. Increasingly the importance of joint mean-covariance modelling is being appreciated. The student will develop new methodology in this area with the assistance of a research group working on this topic in the BIO-SI( programme. Will suit someone interested in longitudinal data analysis and mathematical statistics.

Applicants should have an MSc in Medical Statistics, Biostatistics or Mathematical Statistics and be competent in the R programming language.

Further details on the method of application are available from the IRCSET website and informal enquiries may be made to Professor Gilbert MacKenzie (Este enderezo de correo está a ser protexido dos robots de correo lixo. Precisa activar o JavaScript para velo.). More details are available on request.

* Project A has already been approved by IRCSET.

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